CTEVT through its constituted, partnership, TECS and  privately affiliated schools has running various courses on Health, Engineering, Agriculture, Hospitality, Forestry and Various trades in Diploma level or proficiency certificate level. Meanwhile, Pre-Diploma level programs are offered in Health, Agriculture, Engineering, Social mobilization, office management, tourism etc trades. The entry requirement for TSLC level is SEE appeared candidates for the course of 18 months whereas for the diploma programs student must secure at least 2 GPA  with “C” in English, Math and Science for Health Subject and  at least 1.6 GPA with “C” in Math and Science and “D” in  English. Various proficiency/diploma and Pre-Diploma level programs are mentioned in details as follows:

  1. Certificate/Diploma level programs: The entry requirement for 3 years certificate/diploma level programs is SEE passed.

Health/Medical Science

  • Proficiency Certificate in General Medicine

  • Proficiency Certificate in Nursing

  • Proficiency Certificate in Medical Lab Technology

  • Proficiency Certificate in Radiography

  • Proficiency Certificate in Ayurvedic Science

  • Diploma in Pharmacy

  • Diploma in Dental Science

  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Science

  • Diploma in Physiotheraphy

  • Diploma in Accupunture, Accupressure and Moxibation


  • Diploma in Civil Engineering

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering

  • Diploma in Electronic Engineering

  • Diploma in Geomatics Engineering

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering

  • Diploma in Information Technology

  • Diploma in Architecture Engineering

  • Diploma in Hydropower Engineering

  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Diploma in Auto Mechanical Engineering

  • Diploma in Bio-Medical Equipment Engineering

  • Diploma in Ref. and A/C Engineering


  • Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science)

  • Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)

  • Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology

Hospitality and others

  • Diploma in Hotel Management

  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development

  • Diploma in Social Works

  • Diploma in Forestry

2)    TSLC programs: The entry requirement for following TSLC programs is SEE completed

Hospitality and others

  • Pre-Diploma in Culinary Arts

  • Pre-Diploma in Hotel Management

  • Pre-Diploma in Social Mobilization

  • Pre-Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development

  • Pre-Diploma in Computer Application and Secretarial Management

  • Pre-Diploma in  Forestry

Engineering (Sub-overseer)

  • Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Electrical  Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Electronic  Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Automobile Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Air-conditioning and refrigerator Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Sanitary Engineering

  • Pre-Diploma in Survey Engineering


  • Pre-Diploma in Livestock Production /Animal Health

  • Pre-Diploma in Veterinary Science

  • Pre-Diploma in Agriculture ( Plant Science)

  • Pre-Diploma in Textile And Sericulture JTA


  • Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM)

  • Pre-Diploma in Ayurveda

  • Pre-Diploma in Community Medicine Assistant (CMA)

  • Pre-Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

  • Community Amchi Assistant [Kangjan-Pa]