Infrastructure & Facilities

Lecture Class Room

Conventional class room lectures form the bedrock on which case studies, assignments, group projects, seminars, debates, elocution, role playing, and psycho-analysis help in further development of the student. Field work and guest lectures are applied to give critical practical orientation. The idea behind the whole academic exercise is not to make students exam oriented but business inclined.

Food Productions Lab

Basic Kitchen Lab: Basic kitchen is fully equipped with modern catering equipment’s and appliances. This kitchen is used primarily to introduce the art of cookery to the students and it is the launching pad for the new comers. Familiarity with the art and science of cooking is indeed an essential part of good hospitality operation.

Advance Kitchen Lab: Having mastered the basics, the students move on to specialization in the art of cooking. This kitchen which boasts of state-of-the-art equipment and hotel kitchen simulation. Elaborate dishes are prepared here. The cuisines under consideration are Continental, Indian & Chinese.

Food and Beverage Service Lab

Two Training Restaurants and Bars, equipped to cater to national and international tastes, provide latest techniques of service at par with the industry. Training of buffets, banquets, guerdon service, etc. are also provided in these labs.

Bakery & Confectionery Lab

One labs take care of all Baking and Confectionery requirements of the syllabus. Students produce the most exquisite breads, cakes, chocolates, pastries & desserts here.

Front Office Lab

In this lab the students are trained for receiving information, billing, and guest registration and guest relation. In addition, emphasis is on communication skills, social skills, oratory skills and handling of different type of situations.

Accommodation Operation / House Keeping Lab

The students are imparted with practical training in the Housekeeping Lab. The students are taught the bed making, cleaning and maintenance of the Guest room and cleanliness of public areas. They also learn the art of Flower Arrangement and interior decoration which plays an integral part in the Hotel Industry.


PTS has a well-equipped computer labs where students are taught the use of latest information technologies in day-to-day management. “One student one computer” is the norm. The lab is on multi-user environment, LAN, working on Windows.

Barista Lab

The PTS is a professional skills training lab that provides coffee training to individuals that wish to acquire strong foundational skills in becoming a professional barista.

We provide professional level training using the latest equipment and techniques. Each training session lasts for 5 hours in one of our training rooms or in the PTS Barista lab.


Students of PTS have access to large number of books, resource materials and magazines. The institute maintains a library of books, periodicals and journals.


PTS cafeteria is well equipped to provide hygienic Breakfast, Lunch, snacks in break time.

Extra Activities

For the mental as well as physical development of the students, various extracurricular activities are arranged in PTS which the students are given exposure to inculcate and develop in themselves certain qualities in the fields of quiz, games & sports, Field visits etc. Besides these activities some cultural events are also held at the time of CTEVT foundation day to give opportunities to students to show their talents in the field of performing art.

Infrastructure for Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Automobile Engineering is the Joint Venture Program of Pokhara Technical School and SOS Vocational Training Centre Pokhara (SOS VTC)
Chhorepatan-17, Pokhara