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Best TVET Courses Provider in Pokhara

About Pokhara Technical School

Pokhara Technical School is a Technical and Vocational Education provider in the field of health & hospitality sector. It is a Constituent School of CTEVT. PTS Moving toward center of excellence for Tourism/Hospitality in cooperation of European Union & Sakchyamta Project. Our motto is “To be a professional, Learn Technical and Vocational”.

  • 2 KM from  Prithvi  Chowk.
  • 3.4 KM from  Pokhara Airport.

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Our TVET Courses & Programs

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management is 3 years course after SEE/SLC.

Diploma in Auto Mobile Engineering

Diploma in Auto Mobile Engineering is 3 years course after SEE/SLC.

PCL in Ophthalmic Science

PCL in Ophthalmic Sciencet is 3 years course after SEE/SLC.

Pre-Diploma in Culinary Arts

Pre-Diploma in Culinary Arts is 18 months course after SEE/SLC.

Professional Cook

Professional Cook is 1 years Course, Literate Nepalese citizens can apply.

Vocational Training Courses

Any Literate Nepalese Citizen can enroll in  Vocational Training courses.

Institutional Highlights

PTS was established to produce a competent, skilled, confident, and motivated technical workforce who can think creatively, apply their technical knowledge and skills to solve problems, and create new designs and products to serve the technological requirements of society and nation.

Qualified Instructor
Happy Graduates
Academic & Vocational Courses

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Latest From Notice Board

डिप्लोमा इन होटल म्यानेजमेन्ट र अटोमोवाईल ईन्जिनियरिङ्ग कार्यक्रमको प्रथम वर्ष प्रथम खण्ड र दोस्रो बर्ष प्रथम खण्डको नियमित रआंशिक परीक्षाको परीक्षा आबेदन फारम भर्नेबारे अत्यन्त जरूरी सूचना !!!

डिप्लोमा इन होटल म्यानेजमेन्टको दोस्रो वर्ष दोस्रो खण्ड र तेस्रो वर्ष दोस्रो खण्ड रअटोमोवाईल ईन्जिनियरिङ्ग कार्यक्रमको दोस्रो वर्ष दोस्रो खण्डको नियमित रआंशिक परीक्षा आबेदन फारम भर्नेबारे अत्यन्त जरूरी सूचना !!!

What Our Well Wishers Say

As an alumni of this school, I would like to congratulate PTS for completion of 2 decade and wish for bright future. Similarly, I am confident that the PTS will remain always as a leading institute in the Gandaki Province.

Dr. Ram Hari Lamichhane, TVET,Expert

“I am privileged that I had have the opportunity to serve Pokhara Technical School, a pioneer institution committed to produce competent human resource for the Nepalese Tourism Industry. I extend my sincere best wishes forever….”

Tek Bahadur Malla, Director NSTB
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